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Snake River CBD started in March of 2018 as East Idaho's First CBD company, not just a place selling CBD products. WE as a company are the only company in the area to have our own production facility, where we produce the product to a finished state, instead of buying the product done, and reselling it 

Our CBD Products are made in a GMP production area where we follow strict rigorous production protocol. When we make our CBD products they are 3rd party Lab Tested in a state regulated lab. We test for Purity, Potency, and safety testing. We don't rely on a test from our CBD isolate providers to assure us that it is pure and/or safe for you as a community. 

We make sure that you're getting the CBD we have declared on our products by doing potency testing, as well when we produce each batch of products. We strive to have the lab tests available, for you as a person, to assure you that you're buying CBD products that have what we declare is in them.

Our company has a combined staff with over 35 years of Cannabis industry knowledge in medical Marijuana and our Hemp CBD is also Certified by the Public Health board of Idaho Food and safety Division to produce these great Idaho Made Idaho Legal CBD Oil products.

Our CBD come in a range of Topical, Oral, and other CBD products. We strive to give you a more affordable cost than most nation wide. We dare you to compare our products to big name CBD products and see what our quality and purity is the same if not better. We are the First Company in East Idaho to make these CBD Products local and at a standard that many do not.

We are located currently at 691 E. Anderson. We have educated and trained personnel that have an understanding of the CBD product, and that is not for everyone. We take the time to get to know who you are and what you are seeking to hopefully use CBD for and give you a product that is hopefully the right one for you. We are able to be contacted 6 days a week to answer any questions you may have about CBD and its effects. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

We have a few sayings for us as an Idaho Made, Idaho Legal CBD company.

1. We are affordable. No making money off your misery. As other CBD company's charge Double if not Triple the cost of the same things we provide.

2. We are not doctors or psychiatrists, but we use the knowledge we have to get you out with what we feel should be effective and stay here to help you.

As an Idaho CBD company in Idaho Falls we have seen so many lives change from the use of our products and have been honored to be the start of an industry here in Idaho. We have grown so much within in a short time and it has been because of what we do. We strive to be Affordable, Effective, and Safe when it comes to the use of CBD products. In the next few months we will release several new products ranging from gummies to teas and other novelty items, so if you want them, we will have them for you.

We hope you see that we are the choice for your CBD oil product needs and always strive to be here for you. Not to sell CBD, but to be more than a business.

Stop in and see what we have to offer. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!