PET CBD Oil Peaceful Paws Spray 600mg/Big Breed 3000mg spray

Pet CBD Oil

Peaceful Paws is a Pet CBD Oil

It contains 600mg of CBD Oil in a spray form in a 1oz bottle

for CBD use on animals.

Our Pet CBD Oil product makes it so you can give your family member peace of mind. With the ability to spray this Pet CBD product to anyone of your fur family's food or Pet safe treats.

This Pet CBD Oil product is a month worth of use if not longer depending on how much your animal may need it.

Our Pet CBD Oil spray is carried in MCT Coconut oil and formulated especially for our four-legged family of any size. Dosing of the CBD Oil for Pets depends on the size of the animal. Instructions for use of our Pet CBD oil is on the product to give you the knowledge on how to use this Pet CBD oil product

Pet CBD Oil is known to have the possibility to help with numerous things in animals. With Pet CBD Oil there are no guarantees this product can fix, treat, cure or diagnose any symptom.