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Snake River CBD

Babbling Brooks

Babbling Brooks

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Babbling Brooks comes in a 4oz spray or 10ml trial size

This Massage oil is great for relieving physical discomfort and stress.

Babbling Brooks is a Spray on Topical CBD Oil product, it contains 600mg of CBD Oil and comes in a 4oz bottle

Each spray of this CBD Oil Topical is about 5mg of CBD

Using this CBD Oil Topical spray four times a day is about a 1 month supply.

You can re-apply again after all the CBD Oil topical is absorbed to add extra relief by stacking the CBD oil

We added Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender, Hemp Seed oil, and Avocado oil in MCT Coconut Oil to bring the lasting relief to Babbling Brooks. Envision yourself naturally finding relief with our 100% THC-Free Hemp CBD Oil massage oil spray. This CBD Oil product is for topical use only.

There are no guarantees this product can fix, treat, cure or diagnose any symptom. 

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