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Snake River CBD

Double Down'zz

Double Down'zz

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Our Double Down'zz are Doubled CBN Gummies, they contain No CBD and No THC. These gummies have both Nano CBN and CBN Distillate, to give the best rest possible with no hangover. The Nano CBN will start helping you relax in about 15 minutes to help you fall asleep, then in about an hour the CBN Distillate will kick in and help you stay asleep. They don't make you sleepy they just help you relax. You move less during the night, due to the natural muscle relaxant in CBN.

Double Down'zz are great for bedtime. Our CBN gummies are perfect to help relax your muscles, and help you get a good night sleep.  CBN Gummies have also shown to be effective against restless leg syndrome.


Flavor varies, call for the latest choices

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